This week's ColbyKnox update is a special treat. We meet porn newbie Bryson Walker. The video begins with the North Carolina native on his stomach, moaning in the mattress. The camera slowly moves down until we see Bryson’s perky buns. Mickey Knox is licking the newbie's pink hole. "You like it," Bryson asks. "Hell, yes," Mickey replies. He pulls away, sticking a finger up the newcomer's butt. After seeing how tight Bryson is, Mickey returns to butt munching. "You taste amazing," he notes. His tongue covers the hole with spit. He stands up, stroking his hard meat. Mickey places the tip at the entrance and slowly pushes in. Bryson whimpers. Mickey leans in for a kiss, fucking Bryson with gentle strokes. "Fuck me," he sobs. Did we forget to say Bryson has a submissive side? :-) Mickey pulls all the way out and goes back in. Each stroke is to the balls. "Fuck me," Bryson repeats. "Say that again," Mickey says. "Fuck me." Bryson holds to the bed sheet, moaning as he gets drilled. Mickey takes a break so he can eat Bryson out again. Mickey sticks three fingers into the newbie, preparing him for more dick. When Mickey's cock returns to Bryson’s hole, the strokes are a bit more forceful. "Fuck. That ass feels so good," Mickey observes. "God it feels so good," Bryson utters. The two change positions. Bryson straddles Mickey, riding up and down. "That tight ass on my cock," Mickey murmurs. He reaches around to jerk Bryson off. Eventually Bryson gets on his back, those long legs pulled back. Mickey is obsessed with Bryson's hole because he laps it up some more. Bryson strokes his prick as he is pounded. "That sweet little ass of yours," Mickey remarks. He marks those pale butt cheeks with his handprints. There's only so much pounding Bryson can take. "Fuck, I'm going to cum," he says. "Fuck me harder." His juice shoots out, landing on his stomach and pubes. Mickey takes a taste of Bryson's seed. Mickey wants to shoot on the ass he's been plowing. Bryson gets back on his stomach. Mickey strokes his johnson, coating Bryon's cheeks and hole with man milk. After calming down Mickey licks up some of his juice, leaning in for a kiss. What do you want to see Bryson do next?

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