Cast: Christian Deam (aka Boda Gold/Dale Madden/Peter Homely/Harry Mason/Mickey/Reece Andrews/Rob Nielsen), Tomas Salek
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshots, Hairy, Masturbation, Muscles, Uncut.

An unwanted intruder comes to rob Tomas' house, taking most of his most precious belongings. Tomas is asleep naked. The masked guy gets the sleeping Tomas' hand to stroke his dick in his sleep. The unwanted guest breaks into something else.
Tomas tries to find his drowse in the chilly spring evening. He browses on his tablet to get his eyes tired, and finally to fall asleep. Finally finding his time to rest, he heads to bed to get some much-desired sleep.
Just outside his home, a masked man figures his way inside the home. He is with ill-intentions, wanting to loot Tomas' home. Inside the house, he does the job as usual, until, on his way out, he finds a naked twink asleep.
The masked intruder comes close, turned on by the sight of a sleeping naked guy. He reaches for his cock, now rock solid, and plays with it to enhance his arousal. Hornier than before, he reaches for the hand of his victim and wraps it around his dick. He fucks Tomas' clenched hands, imagining it as a tight ass; he moans in great pleasure.
Done with Tomas' hands, the robber heads for his mouth, waking up Tomas. Surprised, Tomas resists at first. But with the sight of a huge dick that needed sucking, he caves in and starts sucking the masked guy's, dick. Tomas, in turn, also gets turned on, and continues to relentless suck the guy's dick and licking in shaft in pure joy.
The break-in of Tomas' ass is not the same as the break-in of his house: Tomas certainly wants it, and bends over willingly to the masked guy. He first gets fucked doggie style, then sits on the now unmasked guy's dick. Tomas is shocked by how ripped and and handsome the robber is, and decides to give the guy a break-in he will never forget.
With Tomas now just as horny as his unwanted guest, he starts stroking his own dick to cum. He wants to hold his cum to the very end, at least until his top has cum. But the twink can't control it, and spreads his jizz all over his tummy and near his balls. The masked man can't hold it any longer, either, and cums on Tomas' thigh just after him.
The break-in was successful.

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Duration: 27:49
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