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Jasper is a straight man and a show-off. Hes a thug with a lean, boyish body and a mammoth, veiny third leg. Now, I can tell when a straight dude is ripe for the plucking. So I told Jasper that our buddy Max Cameron just wanted the chance to look at that throbber up close, stare at it and nothing else. No touching, no worries.
I sent them to a sleazy porn store, knowing that the darkness, the porn, the reek of testosterone and the sight of Maxs drooling mouth would lower Jaspers guard. Mission accomplished.
To see how we primed a straight dude for this, his first blowjob from a dude, check out the bonus scene: How to Take a Stallion. It works!
The cocksucker in this scene is one of my favorite guys. His name is Jay and hes an energetic furry boy of 21 who loves oral sex with men or women. He just feels right getting down on his knees and serving. His older girlfriend was waiting just outside while he sucked Keaton off.
Keaton is a country boy with tons of piercings and tatts. And a dick that, in my humble estimation, is perfect for sucking. If you love sucking, you know there are cocks that fit the mouth like a missing puzzle piece. Dont get me wrong—every dick is a suckable delight. But one like Keatons…well, you could keep that beautiful shaft in your mouth and throat all day and all night.
Pure pleasure.
The top man in this scene is engaged to a girl but wants to sow some wild oats. Hes from a small town in Central California and he asked us to call him “Wolf.” Okay. Fine.
When a guy is this young and horny, you can put the world in one hand and the possibility of a blow job in the other—and hell take the blow job every time. Wolfs unsureness and moodiness show in his face throughout the scene, but big-city cocksucker Pete knows how to make any man feel real, real special.
Beautiful cock, great connection, big juicy load.
He burns with a fine sex energy and has done a few “gay for pay” videos in the past. Now, I dont much like the “gay for pay” porn shit, but I liked this guy. So when he called us and said hed be in SF and would be down for a bj, I knew just what to do.
Shane is one of my all-time favorite cocksuckers. Yeah, he cant deep-throat very well, but when he gets a dick in his mouth its like hes come home. His entire being turns into a pleasure delivery system for the dick—and the man—hes serving.
The two are a little self-conscious at first (Shanes shy around s and Brent has a couple of young sons) but once the connection locks in, they both give in completely to the job at hand.
Money makes the world go around. Ruckus is a tough straight motorcycle mechanic, a man of very few words. And Ill be honest with you: he came to me and let a dude suck him off purely because he needed the cash.
Jack, one of our primal cumwhores (some of em mill around the TIM offices during the day, hoping for dick) had seen some photos Id taken of Ruckus and he wanted that dudes load. So Jack paid Ruckus eighty bucks, Ruckus hauled out his dick, and you get to watch.
Later, Jack told me that the cock had smelled like sweat, motorcycle oil and piss.

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