Chad is a gang member who’s cocky little attitude is about to get him into some serious trouble. One night, while out at a club, he spots Tanner along with his beautiful stud of a boyfriend. Drunkenly, he approaches the couple and begins flirting with the stud. Little does he know, Tanner has had enough. He spikes Chad’s drink, waiting until he passes out in the bathroom. Then, he pulls the tough guy through the back door and out to his car. When Chad awakens hours later, he’s bound with his wrists and ankles to a padded table in a strange room. His pants are gone and his cock is rock hard. Little does he know, his night is about to get much worse. “Recognize me?” Tanner asks, smacking the stud across the face. Chad hardly even has time to reply before his Master silences him with duct tape. Now the boy is really freaking out. He struggles violently against his binds, trying in vain to free himself as the ‘pervert’ fondles his cock. But Tanner is just getting started. With Chad’s beautiful cock right in front of him, Master Tanner can’t help but suck it. When he does, Chad screams through his tape gag, struggling as much as he can – But Tanner knows exactly what he’s doing. The ropes are tight, and his boy won’t be freed until he’s ready to let him go.

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