Release Year: 2016
Studio: man's art
Genres: Deep Throat, Sperm Eating, Sperm Sucking, Bareback Sex, Muscled Guys, Rimming, Monster Cocks, Verbal Humilation, Asian trio sex
Video language: Thai

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of an Asian go-go-bar. Bee, Ice, Jack, Kon, Pon, Tanan, Tea and Tum notice that quite fast. In no time they get undressed and dress up like go-go-dancers. And the lesson begins. The boys move in a flexible and seducing way with the music. That obviously leads to an intensive body contact….

1 scene
After the go-go-dance session Bee and Jack are still horny. How lucky they are to find Nut and Ton sitting totally bored next to the bar. After a short small talk the four get to the point. Nut and Ton open their pants and take out their fat cocks. The other two know what to do and start to suck these pricks hard. After Bee and Jack took their shirts off the sex quartet begins. They kiss and blow each other like wild boys. As soon as all dicks are erected the screwing begins. Willingly Nut positions himself in front of Ton’s weenie. He let himself get fucked in every position. In the meantime Jack dumps his engine into Bee’s asshole. After banging for a while the four are about to jerk off. One after the other squirts his load onto Bee’s bum who finally rests totally satisfied..

2 scene
After a long night of partying Bank and Nok wake up abruptly. Half asleep Nok realizes that Bank is trying to grope his pants. In no time he lays completely naked on the bed with his cock hard and erected. Bank soulfully nibbles on Nok’s nipples and strokes his dick hard. He wets Nok’s hole a little bit and sinks his prick deep inside of Nok. He screws him like a , in order that Nok’s juice drips out of his bell-end. After a few strokes Bank also squirts his love creme over Nok’s butt hole.

3 scene
Nut and Bee expect visit. Cho said that he was coming, to have a lustful threesome. When he arrives it won’t take long until he gives head to both guys. Nut’s huge prick is all hard and erected. After Bee and Cho are also excited and hard, Nut wants to fuck. He plugs his hard dick in Bee’s tight asshole and bangs his fuckhole like a wild boy. After Bee took a seat on Nut, he can’t hold his cum anymore. He squirts his juice abundantly. But he needs to see more sperm. He strokes Nut’s penis even faster while Cho gives him a blowjob. After everyone jerked off Bee licks off the rests willingly.

4 scene
Obsessed with sex as he is, Bee already has his next date. He visits Lee, a long haired wild stabber, to whom he can demonstrate where the road leads. He rips his clothes off and shows him his dick. As soon as his prick is hard and erected he indicates to Beet that he should sit on it. His face twisted with pain Lee’s cock slides into Bee’s hole. He rides it as fast as he can until he can’t hold his juice anymore. After Lee jerked off a load of cum out of his bell-end, Bee screws out the rests of his sperm too.

5 scene
As soon as the night comes, Nut is horny again. He has a date with Akg and It. After Akg chit-chatted with Nut he understands that Nut wants something from him. Without hesitation he opens his pants and shows Nut his prick ready to be sucked. He is surprised by the action but doesn’t waste time and joins in. He pulls Nut prick out and plays with it. After doing so he wants to have a blowjob. Therefore he lays down naked on the table and calls Nut to come over. That one bends over him and start to suck his dick. In the meantime Akg licks his asshole and fingers it. Nut really enjoys it and is waiting to get fucked finally. Akg takes the chance to do so. He bangs him like a horn . Nut continues to blow Ist’s cock even more intensive. He finally needs to jerk off. He strokes his dick until his sperm squirts out. Totally erected he continues to suck It’s prick until his juice also drips out. When It licks Akg’s nipples he’s the last one to squirt his sperm abundantly out of his bell-end.

6 scene
Making out in the shower is something Bin and Edd also wanted to try out. They kiss soulfully and caress each other. Edd slowly goes down on Bin’s cock in order to give him a blowjob. He likes it so much that he shows Edd his asshole. Edd licks and wets that butthole intensively until he needs to screw him hard. He plugs his prick inside of him while bending over the border of the bathtub. He bangs Edd as fast as he can. Finally he can’t hold his juice anymore. It drops out, while Edd continues to fuck him. At the end he can’t hold his sperm any longer and squirts his juice out of his bell-end.

7 scene
On a hot summer day Tom and Ton only have one thing in mind. Wicked sex. And the action starts. Ton fondles Tom’s slip and takes out his dick. He blows his bell-end cautiously. Ton really enjoys that in order that he takes care of Tom’s prick. He sucks it like a horn until it gets hard. Next he needs to feel that tail inside of him. He goes into position and waits getting banged from behind by Tom. He does so fast and intensely while Ton is stroking his prick. Finally Tom can’t hold his load anymore. He jerks off a huge pool of sperm and spreads the rests onto Ton’s body.

8 scene
Can and Nat have been a couple for a certain while. They love having sex, anytime and everywhere. There seems to be nobody inside the bar and so they take the chance to have a quickie. Nat pulls Can’s dick out fast as well as his ass. He fingers his nipples and licks his hole. In the meantime Can takes care of Nat’s fat prick. He swallows his erected tail deep inside his mouth and blows it hard. After that he’s longing to feel that prick inside of his butt hole. Without restraint Nat plunges his tail in Can’s tight asshole and bangs him like a horn . He screws him as fast and as hard as he can. Finally he can’t hold his load anymore. He pulls his cock out and bends over Can. He strokes his bell end one more time until he jerks off his sperm right into Can’s face.

9 scene
Fill and Tom have a date with Lek. After he shows up the two don’t want to waste time with talking. Fill opens Lek’s trousers and gives him a blow job. In the meantime Tom takes care of Fill’s engine. In no time the three guys are totally erected, in order that Lek takes the initiative to fill up Fill’s hole. He sticks his prick slowly inside Fill who stands in front of him and moves it in and out. Fill sucks Tom’s prick while being screwed by Lek. Then he wants to fuck Tom too. He walks up to him and takes care of his virgin asshole. He bangs it really hard in order to spread it and prepare it for Fill who’s waiting to do the same. After he fucked Tom the three boys stroke their cocks to finish off.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:24:36
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4387kbps
Audio: 93kbps

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