Studio: AndoliniXXL
Cast: Andolini & BenjiKann

Andolini, a young adapted swimmer, lives in Lyon and often passes in front of the Perraches train station to train. That's where he met Benji, a pharmacy student who was passing through the city for an internship. Benji was a charming young man, with brown hair and green eyes. He was very studious and had decided to take advantage of his stay in Lyon to visit the city and learn a little more about its cultural riches. Andolini was immediately intrigued by Benji and decided to talk to him. He asked him where he was staying and Benji told him that he was staying in a small hotel near the train station. Andolini then offered to accompany him to his hotel. Benji gratefully accepted and the two young men set off together. Andolini was very nice and Benji was immediately charmed by his good humor and kindness. They chatted about everything during the drive and soon Benji felt the sexual tension that Andolini exuded. When they arrived at the hotel, Andolini helped Benji carry his things to his room and wished him a good night before leaving. Benji was very touched by this attention and decided to thank Andolini by inviting him to relax a few minutes with him before leaving.

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