Studio: Military Classified

Albright hails from the windy city and came to California to find new opportunities and happen to come across the likes of me, Rob Navarro. Within days, Albright was front and center at my studios with a need for cash and blue balls from a 3 day wait for nut sack relief. Today Rob unleashes his weapon and creates a star!
When Albright arrived at my studios I was literally floored at the construction of this beautiful boy. Hes lean but tight, his muscles only accentuate that round bubble butt that sticks out a mile wide, you can almost have lunch on that ass! (hm.... that gave me an idea) Without hesitation I invited him in and we sat down and began to talk. I went though my usual speech trying to lure the model into doing more than just a solo and Albrights reaction came to me as a surprise. He didnt have a problem taking this to the bj level if the money was right. What a surprise!
After I explained the situation and what I was trying to do with my work, he actually became a team player and was happy to provide his services for the compensation I was offering. I didnt have to try to convince him, or tell him that hopefully at some point he could fuck chicks. He knew what this was but still didnt have a problem crossing that line as long as things remained professional.
After we got all the paperwork in order, we took some pretty amazing photo stills in his photo shoot and before long he was siting in front of my cameras playing with himself through his jeans while watching some nasty bitches getting eaten out on camera. (He loves oral). Well like any typical 20 year old he was rock hard within seconds and I was only too eager to sit down at the table for my meal. With his puppy eyes and handsome boyish face, I knew i was in for a reaction of enormous proportions. This boy was basically a virgin.
Having sex only 5 times, yes thats right, a 20 year old loving his virginity at 20. I was one of the first blowjobs where he was taken a back as he experienced the ways of a good blowjob. He loves pleasing women orally but today the tables were turned and I gave Albright one of the best bjs of his young natural life. The reaction he gave me didnt match the rating he gave me, although 8 isnt bad, but the expression he gave me told me a lot more. Enjoy this one because i just did! again!

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